Carol Platt Liebau: Merck Mess

Friday, August 19, 2005

Merck Mess

Here is the account of the devastating verdict rendered against Merck.

I hope the jury is satisfied. It has, indeed, "sent a message" -- that it hates drug companies. The drug companies, incidentally, who will develop the vaccines and antidotes that could help all of us survive a worldwide epidemic, a biological or chemical attack -- or even the ravages of old age.

As someone who has taken Vioxx from time to time (it's an excellent drug-of-last-resort for intractable migraine headaches), I very much regret that it won't ever return to the market. And I regret even more that verdicts like this one -- as sad as individual deaths may be -- will have a chilling effect on the development and distribution of new and potentially lifesaving drugs.


Blogger Poison Pero said...

I work in the medical field and can tell you this decision has horrible ramifications.

1. Companies like Merck will raise their prices, to cover future lawsuits........Hurting the consumer.

2. Companies like Merck have had to pull excellent products........Hurting the consumer.

3. I know many seniors who suffer through terrible pain issues, and would kill to be able to return to using medications like Vioxx.....But are instead forced to use lesser medications, or even worse, stronger medications that come with other problems.

This is a lose-lose judgement for those suffering with pain......But I'm sure they were the last one's the lawyers and courts were thinking of.

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