Carol Platt Liebau: Dick Durbin -- One-Time Pro-Lifer

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dick Durbin -- One-Time Pro-Lifer

This morning, on Meet the Press, Tim Russert noted as he interviewed Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL):

It's interesting, because in your own political past, when you were a congressman in the House of Representatives in 1983, you believed that Roe vs. Wade was incorrectly decided. You filled out a questionnaire calling for a constitutional limit to ban all abortions. You wrote a constitute [sic] saying that "The right to an abortion is not guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution."

Of course, this will make life very interesting if Dick Durbin tries to characterize any postulated pro-life views of John Roberts as "out of the mainstream" -- because when Durbin was pro-life, that view was less mainstream than it is today.

In any case, anyone who slanders American soldiers the way Dick Durbin did has no business even pretending to know anything about "mainstream thought" in America.


Blogger Orphan in Bama said...

Yeah...but that was before he became a Member of Parliament and found he copuold retire in office if he towed the right line...literally.


4:40 PM  

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