Carol Platt Liebau: What's the Contradiction?

Friday, July 22, 2005

What's the Contradiction?

The Washington Post runs a breathless piece today on Jane Roberts, wife of Judge John Roberts.

Most notable about the piece is its incredulity . . . can this woman really be a pro-lifer? And a feminist? All at the same time?

Well, of course she's a feminist AND pro-life. What else would a real feminist be?

Look at all these poll results -- particularly among women. Apparently, Mrs. Roberts is far more mainstream than the people who seem so surprised by her views.

And anyone who is truly a feminist would -- of course -- care about the health risks to women that many doctors believe accompany abortion generally and the the "morning after" pill. There may well be psychiatric risks to women, as well.

As a quote on the Physicians for Life website puts it,

Abortion liberates men, not women.

Well said. Oh, and this:

"'Feminists for Life' is not an oxymorom, it's a redundancy. The reduplicative nature of the phrase is evident in the basic tenets of feminism: that every human being deserves the opportunity to develop into the best she or he is capable of; and that each individual be respected, however minimal or great their development may be..." Dr. Maureen Jones-Ryan, 1990

Couldn't it be that Mrs. Roberts understands more about what it means to be truly a "feminist" than all those harpies who are always speaking "for" women?


Blogger cookie jill said...

You might want to talk to Rush who continues his attack on women with his usage of FEMINAZI's.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Donna-Jean said...

"But she is not a pro-life caricature. She would be more defined by how highly intelligent she is and how interested she is in other views." (from the Post article) So not only is it astounding to some people that someone who is pro-women would also be pro-life, it seems to be a shock to them that she (in this case, Mrs. Roberts) would be smart and aware, too. Sometimes you wonder if the people who write these things actually know a real-life pro-life woman.

10:44 PM  

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