Carol Platt Liebau: Bad News for Democrats

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bad News for Democrats

Here is a prime example of the kind of pressure that red-state Democrats will face as they consider Judge Roberts. The linked column urges Ken Salazar, in so many words, to oppose Roberts.

That's a tough call for someone like Salazar, who pretended to oppose Democrats' practice of filibustering judicial nominees before being elected, then fell right into line for the Democrats upon arriving on Capitol Hill.

And it's one more indication of how brilliant the Roberts pick was -- not only in jurisprudential but also strategic terms. Roberts splits the Democrats between (marginally) reasonable, quasi-moderate types (including those up for reelection in red states next year) and the hard core left -- like Schumer, Kennedy and Leahy, who can snipe at any nominee from the relative safety of a blue state perch.

I guess it would sound heartless to mention that it will be fun to watch Salazar and others like him squirm . . .


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