Carol Platt Liebau: Update

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Just spoke to a very highly placed source in Washington, D.C., who admitted frankly that s/he "didn't know enough not to be able to tell you anything."

But if the President turns out to be taking a "stealth candidate" route, how disappointing. As one wag of my acquaintance quipped, "Can't the son at least make different mistakes than the father?"

Hugh Hewitt reports that he has now heard that the other Edith (my favorite female jurist, along with Janice Rogers Brown!) -- that's Edith Jones -- is in contention. We should be so lucky. She's been willing to stand up and be counted as a conservative -- enduring the slings and arrows that come with the admission -- for years now.

The President should do it. We've got a senate majority, a willingness to beat the nuclear option if necessary, Republican senators running for president and dying to prove their bona fides.

If not now, when? If not Jones, than whom? (Well -- Luttig Roberts McConnell would be OK, too).

Thought for the President for the day: Why go with Edith Clement and risk repeating one of your father's mistakes, when you can go with Edith Jones -- and fix one? (Jones was the runner-up to Souter).


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