Carol Platt Liebau: Barbara Boxer, Shame of California

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Barbara Boxer, Shame of California

Sen. Barbara Boxer
Scourge of Thinking Women Everywhere

Radioblogger has some absolutely priceless transcripts of the inimitable Barbara Boxer, Shame of California, Barbra Streisand of the Senate (i.e. shrill, whiny and supremely ill-informed).

It's not anything you want to read around mealtime, because the effects could be unpleasant, but don't miss it. To make a (painfully) long statement short, Senator Boxer is upset because President Bush didn't cave in to identity politics and nominate a woman to the Supreme Court.

My favorite ill-conceived, ill-delivered sentence of this typically rambling mediocrity of a Boxer statement (masterfully described by Radioblogger as a "paragraph in search of a thought") is:

And I have to...I could tell you right here now, that being a woman in the Senate, and we are now up to fourteen, when I go out, and especially in the years when I was one of four or six or whatever the number, I can't remember exactly, the young girls that would come around to me, who would just say, you know, I want to do what you do.

Senator Boxer, I could live to be a thousand, and I would never want to "do what you do." Do what Senator Kyl or Senator Brownback or Senator Roberts or Senator Bond or Senator Talent do? If I were in the Senate, certainly. Do what you do? Never. Ever. Ever.

It's a good thing that I don't buy into the whole group-think thing, because if I did, Senator Boxer would make me embarassed to be a woman.


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