Carol Platt Liebau: She's Not A Moderate!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

She's Not A Moderate!

Today, the LA Times contributes another piece of journalistic schadenfreude with a piece about the "GOP's woes" in seeking to unseat Dianne Feinstein, whom -- of course -- the piece describes as a moderate.

Just FYI, don't fall for the spin. I helped Rep. Tom Campbell with opposition research in 2000 in his US Senate race against Feinstein. She's tough to beat -- not because she's a moderate, but because she's good at portraying herself as one (with the press' help). And let's face it -- compared with Barbara Boxer, almost anyone seems moderate in comparison . . . or at least intelligent and judicious.

Just for the record: Feinstein gets a

Lifetime rating of 18% from Citizens Against Government Waste (meaning she's classified as "hostile" to taxpayers)

Lifetime score of 11 from the American Conservative Union.

By comparison, Boxer earned a 10 from the former, and a 2 from the latter. In other words, there's not that much difference -- policy-wise -- between them.


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