Carol Platt Liebau: A Profound Disappointment

Monday, June 13, 2005

A Profound Disappointment

That's the verdict in the Michael Jackson case.

Somehow, in the fog of "the law," the jury lost touch with common sense: What is a 45 year old man doing with (male) child pornography, giving alcohol to (male) minors, with a bedroom that has several sets of alarms to alert occupants if unauthorized people approach it, living in a house that is tricked out to appeal to children -- and SLEEPING WITH (male) CHILDREN?

Yes, the OJ Simpson and Robert Blake cases were travesties of justice, in my opinion. But this one is worse. Why? Because Simpson most likely would only batter/kill another woman with whom he was involved -- and any woman who chose to take up with OJ Simpson would be assuming that risk as an adult. Blake seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime type of murderer, who wanted his wife out of the way for his child's sake (not that this justifies what he might have done, but it does suggest he's not likely to be a repeat offender).

In contrast, it seems that Michael Jackson continued to molest children even after he paid off Jordy Chandler to the tune of $20 million about a decade ago. This suggests that he can't help himself. And what this jury has done, it seems to me, is free a serial molester to victimize children with impunity -- few prosecutors, after all, will rush to indict him again after this debacle. As for a civil trial, there's little left to come out about Michael Jackson that hasn't already been admitted . . . and as the trial showed, the complaining parties (the family that testified in this case) don't go over well with juries.

One thing is certain: Any parent who permits his/her son to go NEAR Michael Jackson should, figuratively speaking, be taken to the town square and shot at dawn.


Blogger Bachbone said...

Let's hope that Mr. Jackson follows through on his alleged wish to move to Europe. Since Scots still wear kilts at some events, perhaps he should go there?

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