Carol Platt Liebau: Democrats' Determined "Dissing" of People of Faith

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Democrats' Determined "Dissing" of People of Faith

First it was Howard Dean, charging that the Republican Party was "pretty much a white, Christian party" -- as though the word "Christian" was a term of opprobrium.

With Dean having made it clear how little the Democratic Party values Christians, it seems to be Charlie Rangel's turn to take a shot at those of the Jewish faith. To Rangel, the Iraq war "is the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country. ... This is just as bad as the 6 million Jews being killed."

Wow. Is he really trying to follow in the footsteps of the despicable Amnesty International, which compared Guantanamo Bay to a gulag? Rangel really believes that our prison camps in Iraq are the equivalent of Dachau or the other concentration camps, or that President Bush is comparable to Hitler, or that United States soldiers are acting like Nazis?

Abraham Foxman of the Anti Defamation League, responding to Rangel, put it well:

"If the world had recognized the evil of Hitler early enough - just like we're confronting the evil of terrorism and fundamentalism now - then maybe the 6 million wouldn't have died."

People like Dean and Rangel are revealing the Democratic Party's true colors. Do they really think there are enough practicioners of the radical, anti-American variety of Muslim faith combined with atheists to make an electoral majority?

As a committed Republican, I hope so! Even so, such bigotry and ignorance is always disheartening, especially when it emanates from representatives of a major political party.


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