Carol Platt Liebau: Truth, Anyone?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Truth, Anyone?

Here is a little common sense from Mark Steyn about the jihad spin job being done on allegations of American mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo. As he points out, instances of abuse (by Americans -- it turns out Muslims are abusing their holy book more than we are) average one per year.

It's difficult to understand why any patriotic American would be willing to permit our foes this propaganda win by closing Guantanamo Bay. Instead, we should be fighting the misinformation with the real information -- as Duncan Hunter attempted to do on today's Fox News Sunday, pointing out that "prisoners" feast on dishes like lemon glazed chicken, with their prayers broadcast five times daily over the loudspeaker. Note to Amnesty International (and Human Rights Watch, who had a representative on the program -- a Clinton administration alum): Guantanamo's gotta be the only "gulag" in the history of man where its "victims" emerge better-fed and healthier than when they went in.

As for our other detention centers in Iraq and elsewhere, yes, regrettably, there have been deaths. About 25 out of 68,000 people processed. Any death is one too many, but get real . . . a "killing field" this is not.

A lot of the Democrats and interest groups seem to be advocating what amounts to unilateral disarmament in the war on terror in order to win what they think would be a public relations victory. They are wrong. Our enemies will always be with us, and they will always be willing to distort and lie in order to paint America in the worst possible light.

They are a scary group, indeed -- as are those who, through their hand-wringing, indecision and willingness to denounce America, permit their propaganda efforts to succeed.


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