Carol Platt Liebau: If Bolton's a Bully, He's Got Plenty of Company

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

If Bolton's a Bully, He's Got Plenty of Company

So the Democrats are working hard to derail the Bolton nomination on the flimy basis that John Bolton allegedly mistreats some of his subordinates. The charges themselves appear to be outrageously wrongheaded.

But even if they weren't, as Rush Limbaugh observed on his show this morning, it's unbelievably hypocritical for the Democrats to target Bolton for being allegedly abusive to his employees -- only a scant six years after they supported a President who was a serial predator on women who worked for him in The White House (Kathleen Willey and Monica Lewinsky, just to name two).

Moreover, some of these senators should look to themselves -- and their colleagues. When Iworked on the Hill about a decade ago, there were pretty ugly stories about bullying and abusiveness on the part of "certain senators" toward their staffs. It's not right to name names on the basis only of hearsay -- but I would suggest that is would be a very fruitful area for some enterprising Capitol Hill reporter to hone in on.


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