Carol Platt Liebau: Go, Howard, Go!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Go, Howard, Go!

Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC, came to California last weekend for the state Democratic Convention.

The fact that 22% of Dean's money came from California Dems -- and the strong hold he reportedly has over the party here -- is more proof of just how far left the California Democrats are. The California Republicans need to find a way to help voters understand how out of the mainstream most of their elected representatives are.

As for Dean, he's the gift to Republicans that keeps on giving. He mimics the Governor's accent (how PC is that, by the way?) and openly asserts that Democrats will "use Terri Schiavo" (!) to score political points.

Interestingly, the AP piece goes on to equate this statement to the infamous memo that argued that Republicans could realize political gains from the Schiavo case. And that's a prime case of media bias: The difference is that the Republican memo came from a fairly low-level senatorial staffer who was fired for drafting and distributing it -- not from the chairman of the party.

Perhaps none of the Democrats who expressed such indignation about the Republican staff memo were attending the convention Saturday night. Because we've heard nary a peep of protest from any Democrat about Dean's remarks.


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