Carol Platt Liebau: A Glimmer of Cruel Reality

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Glimmer of Cruel Reality

According to this piece in The Hill newspaper, Senate Republicans have begun to figure out that they're actually losing the public relations war over the filibuster. This, as the piece points out, a year after many publications were criticizing the Democrats for their unprecedented use of the filibuster.

Looks like the Dems have set up a full-scale "war room" on Capitol Hill devoted to this issue. They apparently realize the stakes. In contrast, GOP aides have been reluctant to do the same -- "arguing that it is akin to running a political campaign with taxpayer money."

Earth to "GOP aides": You won't be "aides" too long if you alienate the base and it stays home the next time your boss runs for re-election. And one more thing: With all the "taxpayer money" you waste on other assorted pork, why not put it to good use for once, fighting a battle that means a lot -- not only to your own political futures -- but to the people you are supposed to be representing!?


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