Carol Platt Liebau

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Here's a New York Times editorial titled "Guilty Until Proven Innocent." It's about Tom DeLay.

Ha. Just kidding.

Actually, the Times is happy to pronounce DeLay guilty. Instead, they're worried about two Muslim girls who have been arrested on suspicion of being suicide bombers. How the Times loves having the chance to enumerate the incidences where the Justice Department has been "wrong" in arresting people who turned out not to be terrorists!

But because there have been some cases where the Justice Department has been wrong, that doesn't mean they are wrong this time. We'll have to see. But on a day when the indictments of other terrorist wannabees have made it clear that terrorism is a real and ongoing threat, wouldn't you think the Times would spare its knee-jerk reflexive sympathy for people who might well be hoping to kill Americans?

Well, it's the Times. So probably not.


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