Carol Platt Liebau

Saturday, April 09, 2005

What a surprise: The Germans want a more liberal Pope -- at least when it comes to matters of sexual morality.

At least one has to give the Germans credit -- they're being open about their "issues" with the Catholic Church and John Paul II. Not so a lot of liberals in the United States. They seem to clothe their objections in calls for more autonomy for the clerics in various countries -- less centralized Vatican control.

We should all understand what's going on here. The Catholic Church is one of the last organized forces advocating chastity and opposing complete sexual liberation. It is one of the last entities teaching young people about the importance of sexual restraint. And sexual revolutionaries and liberals understand that, as soon as the Church can be silenced or its influence diluted in this area, their approach to sex and relationships can occupy the field virtually unchallenged.

Yes, there are a variety of issues swirling around the selection of the new pope. But in the West, the sexual/gender issues are paramount -- check out this hate-filled screed from a mainstream paper in Britain. They're what the media cares about . . . they're what the liberals care about. They're behind many of the attacks on the Church.

And it will be interesting and important to see whether the cardinals surrender to the not-insignificant pressure. Pray for them.


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