Carol Platt Liebau: On DeLay

Monday, April 11, 2005

On DeLay

This smells. Make no mistake: If Tom DeLay has done something wrong, he should step down.

But first things first. When you read the next heavy-breathing DeLay-is-Satan story (and trust me, there will be more), you need to ask yourself two questions: (1) Is this illegal? and (2) Is this unique?

It's an old cliche -- what's shocking in Washington isn't what's illegal; it's what's legal. If the press and the Democrats really want to get into a discussion of what is legal but shouldn't be, then let's do it. They'd better be careful what they wish for, though; remember how fondly the MSM hoped for a Valerie Plame scandal, only to find themselves asserting that no illegal activity had transpired once it became clear that reporters might go to prison for contempt of court?

There are plenty of funny-looking arrangements on Capitol Hill that extend far, far beyond Tom DeLay's office -- just ask Harry Reid (who, like DeLay, has had family members on his campaign payroll) or Nancy Pelosi (one of whose staffers went on a trip, like DeLay, that was financed by a foreign agent unbeknownst to either of them).

For a more detailed discussion on the whole DeLay issue, check out this fine piece in National Review Online.


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