Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cal Thomas writes a great critique of the sometimes cruel coverage of the royal wedding last weekend. And he's right -- in many ways, it's just a reflection of the media (and sometimes peoples') obsession with the external.

Yes, Prince Charles and his bride behaved badly. But there is plenty of blame to go around -- and notice how the criticism always focuses on "Cowmilla's" looks, rather than on any behavior that could properly be condemned?

Even if neither individual is attractive to us, isn't the fact that they're attractive to each other part of the mystery and wonder of love? And should what we think of their looks really matter? To me, there's something pretty touching about a couple that could withstand the stresses and public opprobrium that this one did.

Finally, I'd note that for all the vituperation still launched at the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, they didn't do anything that Charles and Camilla haven't done . . . it's just that they lived in an age where standards were higher, and the public less forgiving, for better or for worse . . .


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