Carol Platt Liebau: Good for the Anscombe Society

Monday, April 18, 2005

Good for the Anscombe Society

Princeton University now has a group that has been long needed on its campus (and many others, too). The Anscombe Society is dedicated to the principle of chastity and abstinence outside of marriage.

It's a pretty sad commentary that those who wish to remain chaste must seek group solidarity -- but given how outnumbered they are, it's no surprise. Nowadays, it seems that colleges are drenched in sexuality and promiscuity is the norm. It's a pretty sad commentary that young women can be used sexually by a whole variety of men, and they themselves even buy into the whole notion that it's "liberation"! Not that it's good for the young men, either, to live with the idea that it's okay to see and use woman as sex objects only. What a triumph for feminism the whole system is!

Anyway, good luck and Godspeed to the brave souls making up the Anscombe Society. They'll need it.


Blogger Rachel Motte said...

Thank you for the heads up. I'd heard rumors of this group somewhere recently, but yours is the first blog post I've seen. I've posted about it here:

9:39 AM  

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