Carol Platt Liebau: The (Unwarranted) Stench of "Flop Sweat"

Monday, November 26, 2007

The (Unwarranted) Stench of "Flop Sweat"

Andrew McCarthy quite rightly lambastes the supposed "peace summit" at Annapolis.

Along with the weighty substantive problems McCarthy outlines with the entire undertaking, it's also a profoundly bad idea for the Bush Administration -- from simply a political perspective. Not only does it disenchant the administration's tough on terror conservative allies, it also seems to reek of "legacy desperation," completely unnecessary unless an administration believes it otherwise has no legacy.

With the Bush team, that simply isn't true. How strange -- just as Iraq is undeniably taking a turn for the better -- that the President would countenance the kind of desperate negotiating more suited to a presidency that has nothing in its favor to say about foreign affairs. After six and half years with no terrorist attacks and undeniable headway against Al Qaeda in the central battleground of Iraq, along with a principled determination to stand tough against the forces of Islamofascist terrorism, it's bizarre that the Bush people would choose this course.


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