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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Voice in the Wilderness

Marty Peretz, no Republican -- in fact, described by his daughter as a "vocal, ardent Gore supporter" -- makes this clear-eyed but profoundly sad observation about the Democrats and the war in Iraq:

I suspect that many Democrats are so deeply hostile to a forward foreign policy and their minds so deeply embedded in the notion that you can negotiate successfully with fanatics and tyrants that they wouldn't mind a prophylactic victory for the enemy. Which raises the question: is this enemy their enemy? I suspect not.

Good thing a Republican didn't make this dead-on observation. He'd be accused of attacking the Democrats' "patriotism."


Blogger Greg said...

Good thing a "Prominant" Republican didn't make that observation. Many of us at the grass roots level have been makinng that exact claim for years.

5:31 AM  
Blogger Joshua Stein said...

Are you saying that you wouldn't try to negotiate with tyrants?

Let's face it, the Bush's foreign policy is such a failure that this is a late attempt. Not only do you have the open failure of any Republican to justify why we would go into Iraq (besides our President's implicits of oil contracting and a family history) as opposed to North Korea, Saudi Arabia (one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet), Sudan, Uganda, Myanmar or Sierra Leon. (It reminds me of Reagan invading Vietnam to combat communism because he didn't have the resources to attack China)

You want to talk about regimes of fear, Sadam Hussein wasn't the worst. Frankly, I think this summit is too little, too late.

Both are complete foreign policy failures. I think that there's no real reason for the Democrats to try and negotiate with tyrants. I think there's no reason for Republicans to be so openly patriotic when they are so bad at picking tyrants based on the actual level of thei tyrrany.

Someone needs to go the UN and have the world community do something about it. Unfortunately, Adlai Stevenson is dead.

6:57 PM  

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