Carol Platt Liebau: What You <i>Won't</i> Hear

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What You Won't Hear

Ace of Spades has some great commentary on the parts of General Sanchez's speech that the media has (conveniently) decided to ignore. Powerline observes that the general's criticism of the media isn't likely to see any play, either.

It's remarkable that General Sanchez would have chosen to give such a speech. Did he think that the negative assessment of Iraq wouldn't be reported, or that it wouldn't enspirit our enemies if it were? It's hard to imagine any World War II general -- even when the situation looked grim -- coming out and denouncing the handling of that war, even though, as Victor Davis Hanson has noted, there were plenty of mistakes even in the ultimately successful D-Day mission, and the disappointments and failures in Iraq have actually quite limited when compared to previous wars.

Of course we should be trying to prevail with no loss of life, and without mistakes. But that rarely happens. If General Sanchez ever knew that, why has he forgotten it?


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