Carol Platt Liebau: The "True Boob" Debate

Monday, July 23, 2007

The "True Boob" Debate

At risk of being disrespectful to a segment of my fellow Americans -- most specifically, those whose questions were selected by CNN for the You Tube debate tonight -- well, they are idiots. Read the transcript and see for yourself. "Inane" was the key word of the day.

Questions ranged from the predictable left-wing preoccupations, such as whether there should be reparations for African Americans to whether Senator Obama is authentically black, to how Senator Clinton feels about running as a woman -- and so much more, including the requisite war-bashing. Rarely was there any question that reflected any depth or seriousness about the country's problems, and as I've noted before, there is something scary -- truly scary -- when Joe Biden is left to sound like the voice of reason, as he actually did when he lambasted some of his fellow senators for having failed to vote to fund the war.

Of course, the fault also lies with those who selected the questions -- namely, CNN. From the queries (and questioners) that were chosen, it seemed as though CNN was determined to pander to the far-left base that it apparently assumed was the debate's primary audience. There were virtually no questions that challenged the candidates from the right, plenty that challenged from the left.

It will be interesting to see: Has CNN simply decided that it will do what it takes to gain the foothold among the left analogous to the reputation that Fox News has enjoyed on the right? The acid test will be when CNN hosts the You Tube debate among Republicans. When the questions for Republicans are as skewed toward the right -- i.e. why don't you support deeper tax cuts? do you want to increase the number of troops in Iraq, etc. -- as the questions tonight were skewed toward the left, then I'll be convinced that CNN is actually striving to be "fair and balanced."


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