Carol Platt Liebau: The Woman Thing

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Woman Thing

This piece in the Politico notes that -- if the fates of Katie Couric as CBS news anchor and the show "Commander in Chief," featuring a female President, are any indication -- Hillary Clinton may have a tough road ahead.

Apparently, some are just figuring out that women will not flock, sheep-like, to vote for a candidate simply because they share the same gender.

The problem for those who would like to construct or rely on such scenarios is that -- perhaps unlike those from minority races or even religious faiths -- women are not (to borrow a little legal jargon) a "discrete and insular minority" in the country, where they stick together because, in some sense, they feel slightly embattled.

In fact, women are willing to vote for men because they live with them -- they're their husbands, sons, brothers, friends, etc. Men are not some "other" against whom women need, in most cases, to circle the wagons.

This "us against them" gender construct that feminists have tried to set up is a manifest failure, whether it comes to instituting "social change" or getting a woman elected President. Feminist "solidarity" may mean something when it comes to one's opinion about whether the toilet seat should be left up, but it means significantly less when it comes to the decision about who is best equipped to protect the country from terrorists.


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