Carol Platt Liebau: A Terrorist Attack This Summer?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Terrorist Attack This Summer?

This report doesn't sound encouraging.

Of course, if we defer to the surrender caucus' wishes and retreat in Iraq, this will simply be the shape of things to come, as newly emboldened terrorists -- whose schedules have been freed up through the US withdrawal -- begin to turn their sights even more to the US.


Blogger The Moderate said...

I'm not saying to pull out, but our current course of action isn't working. What is 2 more months (the Sept. deadline) going to prove. I can't see much progress happening by then. If the terrorists are still that strong, to warrant this report, what have we really accomplished over there? Why have we not continued with more force? Bombs, nukes, etc.? That's the only way I see us getting ahead. I am worried, alot more than before, about another attack! Waiting around for the Iraq government or sticking with our current plan is just going to kill more of our soldiers. People want to see a definite change, for the better to prove that why we need to be there.

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