Carol Platt Liebau: Say It Isn't So

Monday, July 09, 2007

Say It Isn't So

Bill Kristol is reporting that the White House is actually negotiating with the Republican surrender caucus about some way to retreat in Iraq.

Say it isn't so. Not only would such a maneuver be dishonorable and wrong, not only would it guarantee that we hand Al Qaeda an enormous victory -- it also will only make Republicans' political problems worse. It's an implicit admission that the war was wrong, that the sacrifices that have been asked of our troops and their families were meaningless, and that the United States runs when the going gets tough.

It's a joke to think that Al Qaeda could actually defeat the United States in Iraq unless we give up. Politically, giving up will only make the President's and Republican problems worse. There is really no debate that the aftermath of a US withdrawal would be chaotic and catastrophic. If the Democrats insist on surrendering, that's their fault. But if the Republicans go along with them, it's ours, too.

So long as there are signs of progress from the surge, victory is possible. But it will become impossible if -- for no reason on the ground -- the President decides to try to "compromise" with people whose only interests have nothing to d with national security, and everything to do with destroying him.


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