Carol Platt Liebau: No Time to Go Wobbly

Monday, July 09, 2007

No Time to Go Wobbly

This piece in the Wall Street Journal details the many ways in which it is a foolish fallacy for Republican senators to think they can save their political hides by effectively advocating that we abandon Iraq.

Most obviously, Republicans need to understand there is no out but through. If the entire country devolves into chaos and becomes a breeding ground for Al Qaeda, do the Republicans think they will be able to evade political responsibility for that outcome?

And let's just throw in a factor that's too often underdiscussed: Withdrawing now would be deeply dishonorable. America went to Iraq and urged its people to defy the terrorists in order to build a democracy. Withdrawing means that many of the brave people who took us at our word will be hunted down and slaughtered. What kind of politician can live with that -- especially given that there are real signs of progress?


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