Carol Platt Liebau: A Sad & Dangerous Trend

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Sad & Dangerous Trend

This report in The Boston Globe discusses the increase in the number of cohabiting couples who have children together without benefit of wedlock.

It's hard to understand what they are thinking. What is the point of staying unmarried -- unless, of course, it's just to make sure that it's easy to walk away from a commitment that became infinitely greater when the children were born?

Most of all, what is the point of denying the children the stability of a household where the parents are married? Is keeping one's "autonomy" and "freedom" that much more important than providing little ones with a hom headed by two parents who are committed enough to the family unit that they're willing to marry?


Blogger stackja1945 said...

The children should own the home, and the parents can move out and then pay the nanny employed to care for the children. A real nanny state. Now if they marry no need for the above scenario. Which would cost less? I am old-fashioned, love, marriage then children. Worked for my parents and most others. Why change?

8:52 PM  
Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

The marriage rate declines faster under Republican presidents than under Democrats.

Analysis here
The Divorce rate declines slower under Democrat presidents than under Republicans.

Analysis here
Abortions declined under Democrat administrations, along with unwed mothers. The opposite happened under Republican administrations.

Analysis here
Reality has a liberal bias.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Have you checked your meds, Salient?

5:23 AM  

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