Carol Platt Liebau: First Democratic Debate

Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Democratic Debate

Well, it wasn't terribly memorable, and given that few besides hardcore political junkies are paying attention, its impact is likely to be limited. It was interesting to see Barack Obama trying to get his sea legs; the short answer format was most likely to be helpful to him, at least if the "rap" on him (that he isn't offering a lot of policy depth) is true. Hillary seemed capable and prepared, but likewise hard- and somewhat tired-looking; she needs to work on her voice, which too often sounds bossy and shrill.

With the rest, it was pretty much what one might expect; honesty points go to left wing nutcake Dennis Kucinich, for pointing out that the only principled position the Democrats can take is to de-fund the war. In sense, he's actually right: Voting to refund the war (even with a deeply irresponsible and dangerous deadline) is, in fact, a bit like reauthorizing the war all over again.


Blogger Greg said...

It's good to learn that a President Obama, in the aftermath of devestating attacks on American cities by Al Qaeda, would be fully prepared to:

"... take, potentially, some action ..."

Man, those Democrats are tough, aren't they?

10:30 AM  

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