Carol Platt Liebau: 17 Republicans for Defeat

Friday, February 16, 2007

17 Republicans for Defeat

Seventeen Republicans joined all but two Democrats in a non-binding resolution for defeat in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

It's worth noting that the House Republican leadership didn't even attempt to impose any kind of party discipline -- in a signal of profound disconnect from its grassroots. Earlier in the week, a variety of Democrats and "experts" were predicting that between 20 and 40 Democrats would defect; the fact that the number was below even the low end of that spectrum suggests that the number of defecting Republicans might have been even lower had the leadership made any kind of effort.

Well, one can only hope that the 17 Republicans thought a vote that results in demoralizing American troops and emboldening our enemies was worth it. Because each and every one is going to be targeted for a primary -- and for defeat, well-deserved.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

If the voters support retreat, then retreat to the borders, call up the national guard and put up fences on the borders and barbed wire on the beaches. If the voters want to continue the fight for liberty then throw out the scoundrels.

5:07 PM  
Blogger said...

The moral confusion that informs our age has been faithfully translated into our political arena wherein victory is anathema and national self-loathing is the left's newest form of adulation.

In that context, it should surprise no one that Democrats argued vehemently against President Bush's modest strategic realignment, something that would have been unheard of in December of 1944 as our nation began the Battle of the Bulge.

And, while the loss of every life is painful, in the three weeks of that battle there were a total of 75,000 casualties.

We lost 4300 in the three day battle of Tarawa, and 8500 on the first full day of combat on D-Day.

So, we must ask whether we're all committed to victory, both on the battlefield where blood is lost, and in the battle of ideas.

Unfortunately, the answer to both is that the Democrats are more interested in political than military victory. And, as for the battle of ideas, they lost that well before the start of WWII.

10:04 PM  

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