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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Barack is In

It seems that Barack Obama intends to run for president after all, despite the fact that he's served in the Senate only two years.

It will be interesting to see how the MSM treats him. In conservative circles, there are sometimes confident assertions that eventually the press will turn on Obama, as it does on everyone else -- comments to the effect of "the media loves to build people up, and then tear them down."

My prediction? That day -- that the media turns on Barack Obama -- will never come. And that's for two reasons: First, Barack won't hand them anything to work with, a la Bill Clinton. There's won't be any womanizing or draft dodging or anything else. Barack is far too disciplined and far too determined to get to The White House -- and, in my view, has been for quite some time -- to permit personal appetites or cheap scandal to get in his way.

Second, the press won't turn because it is invested in what it obviously sees as an historic opportunity to redress age-old racial grievances and effect racial reconciliation. To turn on an indisputably intelligent, charismatic liberal with widespread appeal, who's running the first truly credible presidential campaign on the part of an African-American . . . it just won't happen. In my view, the press sees it as almost its obligation to help Barack win.

None of the foregoing, of course, is a comment (positive or negative) on Obama and his qualifications for office. Rather, it's merely an observation about the political and ideological predilections of the MSM.

Certainly, there's no sign of any "turning" with press like this continuing to emanate from the AP:

Obama's soft-spoken appeal on the stump, his unique background, his opposition to the Iraq war and his fresh face set him apart . . .

Could Barack's press office do any better than that?


Blogger Marshall Art said...

I couldn't agree more. Obama, the extreme left-wing liberal from my state, will be a huge challenge to overcome for both his Dem AND Republican opponents. The best tactic I think would be to appeal to the voters that charm, charisma, articulate speech and lovely platitudes is not what's needed in a president in times like these. Then, focus on and have him answer for the votes he lodged while a state Senator in Illinois. The most troubling for me personally, is a no vote for a bill that would have protected the lives of children who have survived an abortion. Without this protection, these children are left to die, basically thrown away as refuse. Though there are many questionable votes by this dude, this one vote alone disqualifies him for ANY public office, and definitely the presidency. I've never heard an explanation for his vote. I can't fathom there would be one that justifies his position on the issue. Make him answer for it.

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