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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Sad Story

In the Times of London, here's another sad story of a woman who thought she could have sex like a man.

It's a shame that the culture has attempted to inculcate this attitude into so many young women -- given that it's hardly likelier to leave them healthier or happier, as the linked piece attests. Here's the truth:

I’ve tried [the feminist] philosophy — that a woman can shag like a man — and it doesn’t work. We’re not built like that. Women are built for bonding. We are vessels and we seek to be filled. For that reason, however much we try and convince ourselves that it isn’t so, sex will always leave us feeling empty unless we are certain that we are loved, that the act is part of a bigger picture that we are loved for our whole selves not just our bodies.

How sad that some women learn this only after years of loss and heartache.


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

The last sentence is all we needed. She's been acting like a teenager and at 37 years of age finds it no longer fulfilling and blames someone else.

Being of the male gender, I recall most of the men I know reached the same conclusion in their early to mid-twenties. That it was time to become a man, find a wife and raise a family.

Calling Dr. Phil!

5:53 AM  

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