Carol Platt Liebau: This Is News?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This Is News?

How surprising is it to read that the self proclaimed "black leadership" has failed to embrace Barack Obama?

Shouldn't be too astonishing. It's become patently clear over the years that their "cause" has little to do with the advancement of African-Americans in general. Rather, it's about their own personal power and a radically left-wing agenda.

That should have been clear from the pointed repudiation of outstanding African American public servants including Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas. Anyone or anything that threatens to undermine the authority of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to speak for "black America" is deemed a threat by this crowd.

Barack Obama is plenty left-wing. But they don't know it yet . . . and that fact, alone, may not atone for the fact that he's exposing Jackson and Sharpton for the ultimately irrelevant and showboating blowhards that they are.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol, you have a nice choice of words about Jackson and Sharpton.

5:12 PM  
Blogger LQ said...

Lefties like Jackson, Sharpton, Belafonte, etc. believe in diversity in everything except opinion. They despise anyone who doesn’t share their left wing views. Rice and Thomas, etc. are seen as Uncle Toms and traitors to their race.

They hesitate on Obama for two reasons. They’re afraid that because, unlike them, he has to appeal to voters, he may move to the center. They’re also afraid that as his name recognition and TV time go up, theirs will go down.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Riverbender said...

Carol I am wondering if you know more about just how "left" Obama is ... in particular his views on reparations.

When he was running for senator against Keyes I did some research on both of them.

I swear back then I found on his campaign website mention of his pro-reparations stance.

I have been combing the internet for this content but all references of this have been removed. (basically the old site is gone and new one has little on the issues.)

If this is true do you think it will be an issue that will be of any relevance to this election (on either side?)

9:47 AM  

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