Carol Platt Liebau: More Questions Than Answers

Monday, October 02, 2006

More Questions Than Answers

Investors Business Daily is demanding answers to some pretty legitimate questions in the wake of the Foley scandal:

We have a lot more questions about this whole affair. The timing of the revelations, as we noted, couldn't be more propitious for the Democrats. Turns out both the Democrats and several newspapers seem to have known about Foley's problem as far back as November, according to research by several enterprising blogs.

Why didn't they come forward then? Who dredged up these e-mails — and why did they hold them until now? This reeks of political trickery.

Indeed, the people who knew about this and kept quiet for political advantage are beneath contempt. While they were biding their time, other children might have encountered Foley and his unacceptable, appalling behavior.


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