Carol Platt Liebau: "Strange New Respect" for Kennedy?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Strange New Respect" for Kennedy?

It's long been known that Justice Kennedy is preternaturally sensitive to his press coverage. Will stories like this, emphasizing his important role as the Court's new "swing vote," play a role in pushing him to the left, thereby allowing him to enjoy all the acclaim and respect from outlets like The New York Times that comes with hewing to a liberal jurisprudential line?


Blogger dodger said...

Was there ever a time when a bunch of lawyers could agree on what the law says? Especially the most exalted of them, the Supreme Court. Nine guys can't look at a simple clause, for example "public use" and not be able to look the words up in the dictionary? Public means, not private. Use means utilize.

I didn't even have to look them up. Yet five Supreme Court justices decided that public use means "utilize for private purposes."

The harm, of course, is that if the Supreme Court doesn't have to pay attention to the Constitution then why should anybody else.

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