Carol Platt Liebau: Wisconsin's Ward Churchill

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wisconsin's Ward Churchill

UPI reports that the University of Wisconsin is defending Kevin Barrett -- a professor who believes that 9/11 was a CIA plot. The story notes that he expressed "personal views" about 9/11 on a "conservative radio show" in June.

I heard Barrett when he was on Michael Medved's radio show in July, so whether Barrett has been repeating this stuff elsewhere or the UPI got some details wrong isn't clear. But what the story doesn't tell you, even as it mentions that he's being attacked for his "personal views," is that Barrett teaches Islamic studies to U of Wisconsin students. And the story's description doesn't scratch the surface of explaining just what a nut he is -- he refuses even to concede the existence of Islamofascist terrorism.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

And he calls the Marines, Christian terrorists. The guy's a peach. I hope he has no one sign up for his classes, but there are young minds that have been twisted enough to think they'd learn some truth from this lunatic.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Thespis said...

I hope that this post pings on your blog.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loose Change, Wayne Barrett and the 9/11 Scholars are only
covering half of the truth, which turns it into a limited hangout.
Same to the Vanity Fair-NORAD negligence hangout.

The rest is documented here:

If anyone agrees please sign the following petition at:

2:52 PM  

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