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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lighten up, Frances!

Forbes ran an article titled "Don't Marry Career Women" -- suspiciously, all that's left of it on the internet is this, suggesting that it elicited howls of outrage from quarters near and far.

Please. Are women really going to get upset over this? Marry a career woman, don't marry a career woman. Here's the thing: What woman would want to marry a man who's taking his marriage advice from Forbest magazine? And what intelligent, interesting woman would want to marry a man who doesn't want to marry an intelligent, interesting woman, whether or not she has a career? Look at it as a jerk-detection alert, and lighten up.

What's more, have women become so insecure about what a career means for a marriage that they can't handle a piece like this with good grace? Rather than discrediting the story, wouldn't an over-the-top reaction suggest that somewhere deep inside, a lot of women suspect that there's perhaps a teensy weensy bit of truth to the advice?


Blogger Editor said...

Here is a decent response to the sexist article:

The conservative republicans can ill afford to add sexism and women hatred to its party's banner after a couple of weeks of racial slurs coming from its candidates.

4:54 PM  
Blogger gobigred said...

I read this article and some of its replies and you are EXACTLY right! Lighten up, girls! Don't be so insecure about who you are, no matter what path you take! We all know to take care of our families as well as ourselves and who cares what others think when we are doing our best?

If you think you need to change your life, then tweek it and move on. We aren't in the 50s, NOR the 60s/70s. Getting offended is just silly and not confident.

9:48 PM  

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