Carol Platt Liebau: Over the (Left) Edge

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Over the (Left) Edge

The New York Times throws in its lot with the lefty loony netroots and endorses Ned Lamont.

To read the Times' editorial, it's clear that the rub against Joe Lieberman is that he hasn't opposed President Bush vocally or often enough to suit those at a newspaper, who, apparently, pride themselves on publishing classified national security information that will help terrorists.

The depths of the paper's radicalism -- or its dishonesty -- becomes breathtakingly clear in its final paragraph, when it refers to Ned Lamont as "moderate." But then again, as Tom Maguire has pointed out at Just One Minute, it seems that the Times has been in the tank for Lamont for quite some time. There's been speculation that perhaps the paper simply wants the drama of a three-way Senate race, but the anti-Lieberman vituperation in the Lamont endorsement also suggests that the ed board feels a real ideological kinship with Lieberman's lefty opponent.

In any case, given what The Times has become, Joe Lieberman should wear its disdain as a badge of honor.


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