Carol Platt Liebau: The Ever-Consistent John Kerry

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Ever-Consistent John Kerry

So John Kerry is at it again. One of the most opportunistic "military men" in American history, he's back at his old game of declaring wars unwinnable and calling for American retreat.

Let's see. Kerry did the same thing in the wake of Vietnam. Then, maintaining the anti-war colors that had worked in bringing him to prominence, he voted against the Gulf War, to his political detriment. Having learned his lesson, he voted for the Iraq war (and then voted for an appropriation before he voted against it). And now, in hot pursuit of nomination '08 and mindful of the influence of the rabidly anti-war leftist caucus, he's come full circle: Anti-war.

Even if one agreed with Kerry, how could you ever trust him? The only consistency in his political positions are that they're adopted to fit his own perceptions of political advantage. That's especially true when he's running a piece like the one linked above, after terrorists themselves have admitted that they're losing. the best week in Iraq in months. What -- he's worried that we won't withdraw before we win?

The Democrats made a Faustian bargain with Kerry the first time. Despite their more obvious affection for Dean, they chose Kerry to be their standard-bearer, hoping that his credentials with a veteran would make him credible on war issues. He let them down once (thankfully). Is anyone even taking him seriously on his second try?

Why can't this ego-driven opportunist just go away? At least Scrappleface has Kerry's number -- and that of the other, portly Massachusetts senator.


Blogger dodger said...

Clinton spent eight years sticking his thumb in our eyes, smugly challenging us to do something about it, knowing full well there was nothing anyone could do. Kerry learned that lesson from Clinton or Clinton learned it from Kerry. I call it vandalism. I've often wondered what goes through the mind of a vandal. I imagine it has to do with "you won't let me have my way so I'll break all your toys." Probably something as simple as that.

One would think that when one becomes of a certain age they would give up moments of resort to tantrums. But some don't always, they have lapses where they behave like five year olds. Happens to all of us. Hopefully with minimal damage to others.

Not so with lapses such as happened with Speaker Hastert and the Jefferson kerfuffle. But Hastert recovered, witness his presentation on the "cut and run" resolution in todays NYT.

Kerry, on the other hand, seems to be in a constant state of lapse. This type of person is often described as someone who never grew up or, alternatively, someone who grew from the wrong end.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Mr. Twister said...

All I know is when Bill Clinton left office, we had a $6 trillion surplus, gasoline cost half of what it does today, and there were two big ole towers in New York City that are big ole holes today.

Dodger, your party has had control over all three branches of government and for the past five years. How's that working out for you?

I'm not sure where all this hate of the last successful President comes from, but I do know that that you and Carol sound like whiny little babies complaining about the Democrats when your party control everything.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

"The last successful President?" After he and his buddies in MSM lied to the people and convinced them that the economy stank, he rode the technoloical boom created under Bush 41 into the ground. The economic turnaroound was the best kept secret of the campaign! And since "Mr Success" couldn't even muster 50% of the vote, I don't think others were faked out like you, twisted.

If it wasn't for the little general, Bubba wouldn't have made it - period!

And need I remind you that during the Clinton years you lefties were complaining about low gas prices? "we should be like Europe" you claimed. Now that we're more like Europe, price wise, you bitch about high 'Bush' gas prices! Which way do you want it? Furthermore, who blocked new drilling, new refineries, more nuclear power? Guaranteed it wasn't the right. It's YOUR soup, twisted, eat it!

12:50 PM  

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