Carol Platt Liebau: Breaking Our Will

Friday, June 02, 2006

Breaking Our Will

As Daniel Henninger points out, 99.9% of American troops are performing magnificently in Iraq. It's the behavior of the 0.01% that's being used to break America's will to perservere.

But it's also worth remembering: However terrible the behavior of that 0.01% (and if the allegations are true, it is terrible), it's far from unprecedented -- as Henninger points out, there are doubtless similar stories that could be told from every war the US has ever fought.

And those who would forget the mission in Iraq and in the war on terror in their horror at the allegations should keep in mind that what these soldiers are accused of having done -- slaughtering innocents without any justification -- is just the daily aim and aspiration of the terrorists we are trying to defeat.


Blogger Dr Faust said...

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8:54 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Care to explain the metrics that support your "complete failure" claim?

1:48 PM  
Blogger Mr. Twister said...

Greg writes, " Care to explain the metrics that support your 'complete failure' claim?"

Yeah, c'mon Dr. Faust. It's not like the Bush administration's war of choice turned Iraq into a recruiting poster/breeding ground for al Quaeda, switched the Iraqi govenrment into an Islamic Republic, or advanced Iran's strategic aims in the region.

Bushy, you're doing a heckuva job.

7:01 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

When I returned fro Southeast Asia I was told that "IT's over, just take off the uniform and forget it ever happened" Yet I was shunned by some of my friends and the term "Baby-killer" echoed in my ears.

I attempted to return to college - Queens College in NY. As I was older and stuck out of the crowd, I introduced myself to the Professor, I found her toi be quite nice. However turing a lecture I asked a question, she called on me as "The Baby Killer in the last row".

The reason that is share that is the following: We are seeting up these fine young men and women tio receive the same treatment. Concentrating on the extremely small number of of GI's who MIGHT have committed a crime is wrong.

Let the military do its job, it might actually do the right thing?

And to those who continually teardown our hostess a question: What have you done in a positive manner to help make this a better country/ Have you volunteered in any youth groups? have you helped feed the poor? have you helped teach people to read?

10:19 AM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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11:07 AM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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11:23 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

Name calling means that I did not receive the minimal respect that I felt was due. It hurt far more than anything that happened to me in Vietnam.

And to Iraq - Lets see - we declared our independance in 1776 - the constitution wasn't ratified till '89?

Check a history book and see how long it took Germany to settle down.

As far as the VA - do you go to a VA clinic? I do. I'm treated fairly. I get the both the respect and the treatment that I would hope for.

Read something besides the pathetic meanderings of Howard Dean. War Sucks. But without it we sould be speaking german or Japanese? Us Jews would have been eliminated, we'd still have slavery, etc.

I know it's difficult for the inept, but try and put things in an historical perspective, you dolt.

Note: I only brought in namecalling to make the point -- it's stupid and it hurts. I apologize for that.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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2:44 PM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

Nation b uilding - Hmmm - like sending MacArthur to Japan to help thjem write a constitution?Like rebuilding Germany into a democratic nation using the Marshal Plan? Wasn't the American Revolution an experiment in nation building?

Actuially is was the pacifist approach of the Truman Doctrine, enforced by Carter that got us into the position where Pre-emptive war was needed.

You remember Carter? double digit inflation, 16% housing loans - total ineptitude in dealing with Iran?

4:24 PM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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6:30 PM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

Faust you said Germany had a long period of democracy? well " The Hindenburg Government (their ONLY government lasted from 1925 to 1934 Before that there was a brief Post-WWI military dictatoreship, before that there was the Tsar. SO the long history was 9 years being led by an inept old man.

It was Truman who decided that "Measured Response" waas sufficient. He fired MacArthur over that, thus insuring the Cold war. The Chinese and Russians knew that inder the Truman Doctrine we wouldn't want to get our hands dirty.

Now Carter, there was a Gem. He sat there while the Islamofascists took control of Iran. He sat there while the US was embarrased by a tin-badged dictator with no Military to speak of. Ross Perot (my ex boss) as able to mount a rescue mission where the US attempt failed miserably.

It was only after Reagan was elected did the Iranians decide to give back out people.

How about Carter hugging and kissing Arafat? How about his traiterous activities in the last few years. Aside from hammering a few nails, what did he ever accomplish?

Reagan and Bush 41 rebuilt our military, restored confidence and morale in the officer corps and got us back on the path to a stable world,

And then along came the Clintons - They were Definately anti-military. They gutted the defense department. They crawled into bed with the Chinese and insured that they got an jump on Computer and Military technology and got to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom. (BTW this is all documentable)

And the comment about being the worlds policeman? If not us (or the Brits) then who? The French? Look at the riots in Europe over some cartoons. Look at the french mobs burning and looting over an attempt to clean up the law. Look at the Riots in New York nand Chicago overthe Anti-Christian movie - The Davinci Code? Oh wait - Christians and Jews don't do that, do we?

10:32 PM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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8:33 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...


leadership, dominance, dominion, supremacy, authority, mastery, control, power, sway, rule, sovereignty.

Words, said the red queen, they mean exactly what I want them ot mean, nothing more, nothing less!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Metrics, Mr. Twister, Metrics.

- The application of statistics and mathematical analysis to a field of study.

Simply put, something measurable and verifiable.

But I really didn't expect anything measurable or verifiable to support the "complete failure" claim. The strength of that claim is in inuendo and faith - not fact.

10:56 AM  

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