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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As this piece reports, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church has declined even to pause in its rush to consecrate gay bishops, despite being asked to do so by the rest of the Anglican Communion worldwide. The laity delegations voted 71 to 38 to continue the practice, urged on to do so by gay bishop Gene Robinson, despite the fact that the move will hasten the Episcopal Church of the USA's ejection from the Anglican Communion.

The linked piece notes that the outgoing Presiding Bishop is "distraught" about the vote.

Well, forgive me for not feeling sorrier for him. He and other liberal bishops started this fire, the laity delegations are overrepresented with liberals, and now he's learning it's not as easy to stop radical movements as it is to start them.

As for the traditionalists, at least there's clarity. And some hope that perhaps a branch of the Church that actually welcomes us will spring from the rubble this General Convention has created.

Update: There's been a bit of a pullback.


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Are you going to "hope" or are you going to fight?

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