Carol Platt Liebau: Veterans for Freedom

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Veterans for Freedom

This op/ed is a must read. It's from a veteran of the Iraq war, who served two tours of duty before being wounded.

Contrary to what a lot of politicians would have you believe, he notes, troop morale is high -- no thanks to those who have been claiming to speak on their behalf.

Here's the conclusion:

The morale of the trigger-pulling class of today's fighting force is strong. Unfortunately, we have not had a microphone or media audience willing to report our comments. Despite this frustration, our military continues to proudly dedicate itself to the mission at hand: a free, democratic and stable Iraq and a more secure America. All citizens have a right to express their views on this important national challenge, and all should be heard. Veterans ask no more, and they deserve no less.

It's a must-read.


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