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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Honest -- and Repulsive

Take a look at the headline to this story in the LA Times: "War May Hurt GOP in Heartland." Pretty standard Times fare -- perhaps the apocalypse is upon Republicans, perhaps the wish is father to the thought. We'll know in November.

It's the subhead that's remarkable: Democrats hope that souring public opinion will swing parts of the country their way.

Let's think about that. A public "souring" on the war is one more likely to insist that the US pull out -- and so far, I've heard few responsible arguments to contradict the fact that a pull-out would embolden Islamofascist terrorists, intimidate the brave Arab men and women trying to secure their own freedom, and constitute a black eye for America.

And yet the Democrats are "hoping" that public opinion on the war will "sour" -- not because it will lead to a policy that is likely to make the US safer and stronger as a whole but because it may help them regain political power.

The sub-headline is true. And the truth is repulsive.


Blogger R Platt said...

The Democrats should be very proud of themselves. They have done everything in their power to undermine the war effort and increase the risk to our soldiers just so they could further their petty political causes. Yes indeed, the must be a proud bunch. Furthermore, if they really believe that most Americans will buy their seditious garbage then they're even dumber than I had originally thought.

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