Carol Platt Liebau: "Strange New Respect" for the Blogosphere

Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Strange New Respect" for the Blogosphere

Today, the eternally partisan LA Times media columnist Tim Rutten has finally found a function for the blogosphere that he can live with -- bringing down conservatives! He's commenting on the resignation/firing of Ben Domenech from The Washington Post.

Rutten writes:

Even a casual reading of the facts demonstrates clearly that the online folks — whatever their ideology — performed pretty much as one would wish. In fact, they vindicated many of their medium's claims to be a seedbed to communities of collaborative watchdogs, each building on the other's work to shed light on an issue that engages them.

Wonder why he didn't seem as enthusiastic when the "collaborative watchdogs" were focused on Dan Rather and Mary Mapes? After all, in his piece on Rathergate, there's nary a mention of the blogosphere.

But Rutten always makes it clear what side of the fence he's on. Note the gratuitous nastiness in the piece directed toward the concept of home-schooling.

Sure, some liberals may demonstrate the tolerance that all of them claim to venerate . . . but Rutten's not one of them.


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