Carol Platt Liebau: Putting the Dems in Their Place

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Putting the Dems in Their Place

One of the greatest misfortunes one could possibly incur is to attract the humorous eye and sharp pen of Mark Steyn through one's buffoonish behavior. The Senate Judiciary Democrats were so unfortunate as to merit his attention through their behavior last week.

And over at the Real Clear Politics blog, Tom Bevan points out that very few of last week's self-righteous interrogators could pass muster for a Supreme Court seat themselves -- not just intellectually speaking.


Blogger Greg said...

Steyn equates the horrible performance by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee - and yes, their performance was horrible - to Democratic losses in the next election.

I'm not so sure.

The Alito Confirmation Hearings will fade quickly from public view unless shrewd Republican candidates remind voters over and over again during the campaigns. But the Abramhoff (sp) scandal is just beginning to catch the public eye.

I hope Steyn is right. But I have this nagging fear that the Republicans may have electorily earned enough rope to hang themselves. And they may have done just that.

The only thing the Rebublicans can do to save themselves, in my opinion, is to come completly clean and aggressively enact serious, effective lobbying reforms.

Coming clean will be the one thing that will differentiate themselves from the Democrats who were never able to do such a thing during decades of majority rule. Effective lobbying reforms will prove to be works worthy of repentence.

Without these two steps, it's a coin toss in November. I think the demographics of the next election (which party has the most vulnerable seats up for grabs) favors the Republicans. But scandals change things.

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