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Monday, January 16, 2006

"Blog of Daniel" : A Joke?

This piece in the Washington Times refers to a blog that has been established by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C.. That diocese has apparently decided that "The Book of Daniel" presents an opportunity for evangelism. Here is the blog.

My views on the ridiculous "Book of Daniel" have already been well-aired. I think it's a disgrace. But setting that aside, help me understand. Seeing a crisis ridden Episcopal priest with a tragi-comically dysfunctional family, hanging around with a hippy Jesus, is supposed to bring people into the Episcopal Church -- how, exactly?

The blog itself exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Episcopal Church today. It's nothing more than a series of political cheap shots: Take, for example, this recent entry -- "AFA: What you should watch, how you should think" -- attacking the piece in the Washington Times to which I've linked above. Read it yourself and see if you think that the incendiary blog headline is accurate (and appropriate).

Here's the sad truth: For too many dioceses, the Episcopal Church today is marked by two main characteristics: (1) An intolerant contempt for those of a traditionalist mind; and (2) A compulsion to fight political battles, with no regard whatseover for matters of the spirit -- which should be, I believe, churches' primary concern.

In any case, it's pretty clear that Episcopalians like me aren't welcome in the Diocese of Washington, as we're unwelcome so many places in the Church today. So much for all that liberal respect for tolerance and free-thinking. The message most Episcopal churches seem to send today is this: No conservatives need apply.

Don't believe me? Check out this note on the site: Coming soon, the story of the attack on the Episcopal Church, and the secular right wing foundations that fund it. This is on the official blog for the diocese of Washington, D.C., mind you.

Let's put it this way: The primary attack on the Episcopal Church isn't coming from "secular right wing foundation[s]." It's coming from radicals who intend to take over the Church for their own political ends, whatever the spiritual (and temporal) price. And whatever the price, ultimately, to the Church itself.


Blogger Righty64 said...

Carol, The Left wingers have already taken over much of the machinery of the church at the parish, dioceasan level and the national church. While my Baptist friend wonders why I stay, as a traditonalist, i tell him I will be like William F. Buckley was 50 years ago when he founded National Review and said "STOP!" I am staying to say stop and to encouage the traditionalist, or real moderates, to speak up and to lead the counter-revolutiion whitin the church. If they do not get the money from the conservatives, believe me they will not be able to keep the bloviating against all we hold dear. We have to stay and stand up, not complain and leave. We may not be welcomed in some parts of our church, but it is OUR church and I will stay and fight!

9:46 PM  
Blogger RalphW said...

You may be encouraged by some of the comments, particularly in these posts:

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