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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Squeezing Hillary

Deborah Orin points out that Hillary Clinton is caught in a squeeze play of her own making -- her strategy of tacking right while taking her left base for granted isn't working in the post 9/11 world, where Iraq is the defining issue.

If you don't believe Orin, check out some of the comments of leftist moonbats over at Huffington Post (where I blog from time to time). Sure, lots of them are loons -- but they're also the energy center of the party, and they're angry at Hillary.

Here's the problem for Hillary: She's insincere. Like her husband, it's pretty difficult to assess what she really believes (although it's pretty certain she's a lefty), and even harder to predict what she'd do if elected (because one can never foresee the political climate -- and that's always the determining factor in guiding the Clintons' actions). The right has always accused her of being willing to do anything to get elected . . . and now, the left is reaching that conclusion, as well.

Unfortunately for Hillary, she's up at a time when authenticity has been placed at a premium by the left. That's why we should all expect to be seeing Bill Clinton tack left in days to come -- trying to shore up his wife's flagging flank.

Update: Even Jimmy Breslin is upset. Yes, 2008 may be rough for the Republicans -- but it isn't looking so pretty for the Democrats, either.


Blogger COPioneer said...

As much as I hate to think it, we might be better off with a break up of both parties, and just spin off a Liberal and Conservative party. Leave the dinosaurs to the donkeys and elephants. But then, this isn't Canada...

2:02 PM  
Blogger Gary Gross said...

Hillary's troubles are emblematic of the Democrats' troubles. It's just played out on a grander scale because of her ambitions.

The reality is that she's trying to triangulate on an issue with no middle ground.

As for Kirkill's comments about leaving "the dinosaurs to donkeys and elephants", I don't think that's necessary because there won't be a Donkey party if they keep playing politics with life and death issues.

I also take a tiny bit of offense at the unstated premise that elephants are devoid of fresh ideas. It's obvious to one and all that the GOP is the party of ideas and the Dems aren't.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Dan M said...


'08 is a ways off yet, and she has plenty of time to take care of her base.

All she needs to do is flaunt a little bit more her open marriage, and go out and deliver some passionate defense of "pristine" ANWR. Thereupon the Left will be swooning once again at her titanic intellect, and her iconoclastic ways.

With that party, a little display of sexual kink goes a long way. And the rumours that Dick Morris repeated surely swirl within their base. And what would normally be the kiss of death, now becomes proof, proof postive of ideological bona fides. What better way to get back at those in the Red States than by electing a woman who will only later declare her latent sexual proclivities. What better way to get back at them for 2000 and 2004 than by ramming a Clinton down them, especially with their open marriage? And this type of sickness does drive many of their base.

Who are her potential opponents? Feingold? What Red state is he going to flip, {which question Hillary could pose to him point blank in a debate, and watch poor, ole Feingold look like he just got hit by a freight train, on national TV no less}. Kerry, she will simply use the line that GW did to such telling effect: "I actually voted for the 87 billion...." And details of the ways that her husband Bill tried to save the Kerry campaign in '04, but that Kerry just wouldn't listen. Rest assured, such stories would be a steady drip until such time as Kerry returned to reality, and gave up his pretensions for the White House. If Kerry tried to do the same thing about Hillary, trying obliquely to bring in her open marriage, and questions about her sexual inclinations, instead of destroying Hillary, it would only redound to her benefit in that party. So what is Kerry going to do against Hillary?

Gore, who lost in 2000, {which still infuriates the Dems towards towards Bush, but also towards Gore, who they deem an incompetent because he lost an election he could have won in a walk}. And then after his lost, he went off gained lots of weight, grew a beard, and entered the fetal position.

Who can possibly challenge Hillary? Who is going to get the money to challenge Hillary? She will have the MSM and creatures like Couric out rooting for her in a way even beyond their song and dance routine for Kerry. And that's saying something!!!!!!!!

This is Hillary's to lose, and the only way she doesn't get the nomination is if she lets loose with some verbal blunder. As she is apt to do upon occasion.

I used to think that Kerry was setting up Hillary for the same gambit that he used against Dean. Recall the bumper sticker: "Dated Dean, married Kerry." Whereby Kerry conceeded that Dean was their hearthrob, but that he was UNELECTABLE.

But now Kerry seems to understand that the base is still livid with him for his failure to defeat Bush, and that he needs to go to great lengths to make the base consider him once more for '08.

That sap doesn't understand that they would turn to an untried before ever going with him again. Well he never was very bright, as his grades amply demonstrated.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Gary Gross said...

This isn't that complicated, folks. Hillary isn't a top-tier presidential candidate because she lacks her husband's personality and political sensitivity.

Remember, too, that she wasn't challenged in a serious way in 2000, either by the press or Lazio. With her abrasiveness and temper, she's liable to come unhinged when people needle her day after day to the gaffes that she'll make in that type of campaign.

If you're perceived as insensitive or ill-tempered, voters will remember that. They'll also remember that she's shifty and scandal-ridden.

That isn't the image she's trying to create but it's who she is.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Dr. Miller said...

Hillary rubs and scrubs, but her spots are permanent. She is fooling no one. Bill never got more than 49%, Hil will go down in flames. Thank God for Howard Dean! We win again.

5:31 PM  
Blogger David said...

Hillary? Insincere? Oh, say it ain't so!


Nah, to close observers for years she's made the weathervane Jean Fraud sKerry look good. Heavens. Her pure egocentrism is of such mythic proportions, she's more "two-faced" than Janus. Even he could only face two opposite directions at once... Talking out of both sides of all her faces at once is such an amazing feat that she should be named one of the (horrible) wonders of the world.

Of course, she has help in that some of her faces are on a separate body. That's what makes the Billary creature such an object of morbid fascination, though.


6:32 PM  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

Good comments, Gary. I like what Rush says about Hillary, "Hey folks, I'm not worried about Hillary. Afterall, she puts her pants on one leg at a time, just like any other guy!"

12:45 AM  

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