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Saturday, December 17, 2005

ISO: Some Perspective

"The blacker you are, the worse it is for you. . .. At the end of the day, white America dominates and rules. And it's racist."

That's the word from rapper Mary J. Blige.

The rest of the article reveals that she never finished high school, has struggled with substance abuse and characterizes her family as "angry, hateful, jealous, ignorant, prideful people." So with a terrible home life, a tough past and few marketable skills, she has managed to become impressively rich and famous -- commanding the kind of attention that allows her to be a trend setter for the "ghetto fabulous" style and spout off to reporters from The Guardian.

Yes, that white dominated America has been pretty cruel to Mary J. Blige.


Blogger polderjongen said...

What an awfull black soul you must have. I pity you

9:47 AM  

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