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Friday, December 16, 2005

One More Comment On Hiltzig

As I noted here, last Tuesday, Hugh Hewitt invited the LA Times' Michael Hiltzig onto his show for two hours. Hugh simply questioned his guest -- genial but tough --and allowed Hiltzig to reveal himself as rude, arrogant and, frankly, less-than-forthcoming.

You can judge for yourself; Hugh has linked a transcript and audio from his site. What's most interesting, however, is Hiltzig's repeated refusal to disclose for whom he voted in the 2004 election. Writing to Patterico,
he asks peevishly, "Do you really think you can know everything about my perspective and outlook just by knowing how I voted for president?"

That, of course, isn't the point. No one piece of information tells anyone "everything" about anyone else's perspective. The more interesting question is why Hiltzig feels so compelled to withhold the information. Apparently, he doesn't trust that his readers are intelligent and sophisticated enough to take the nformation, process it and assign to it the proper weight.

How typical: Perhaps the liberal media would meet with more success if it weren't so patronizing of its consumers' intellects.


Blogger Colonel Steve said...

Sadly, my own father takes a similar stand. He talks openly about a lot of things, but then clams up when discussing who he voted for. Being LOT's older than Hiltzig, I doubt it's a generational thing. More of a liberal thing, since they both are.

8:26 PM  

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