Carol Platt Liebau: Alito=Bork?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


That, at least, is the left's reported strategy against Samuel Alito -- to try to paint him as the second coming of Robert Bork (or, more accurately, the second coming of the caricature of Robert Bork that was purveyed to Americans in the days before conservatives had learned how to fight back, when the Senate was controlled 55-45 by Democrats, and with a Reagan Administration weakened by Iran-Contra).

Good luck to them. Chicken Little (and how aptly that name fits the "cut and runners" in the other party!) can't continue to claim that the sky is falling again and again and again without suffering a credibility problem. Which is precisely what the Democrats have.

It seems pretty significant that the left has to cast back to 1987 for a template of a successful derailing of a Supreme Court nomination. Because that's the first (and, really, the only) time they were successful in accomplishing it.


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