Carol Platt Liebau: More Media Mayhem

Friday, October 14, 2005

More Media Mayhem

This piece details all of the misinformation and outright distortion peddled by the MSM about New Orleans in the wake of the hurricane.

As the author points out, the misreporting was hardly harmless fun. As a result, assets were deployed where they were reportedly (but not truly) needed, diverting them from helping where they were urgently required.

The American people are still waiting for an apology from any of the erstwhile hysterical, "crusading" reporters.


Blogger HouseOfSin said...

Vince Bugliosi (in one of his books, probably "Outrage" but I forget) posed a challenge to the reader: Become an expert on any subject and then seek out news clippings that pertain to that subject. (In the pre-Google era when he issued the challenge, this was a much harder task.)

He continued that the reader will be amazed at how blatantly incompetent the press usually is. I have accepted his challenge and have depressingly seen his point in spades.

My realization (and his challenge) came well before Katrina. So I have written off the automatic validity of the press for some time.

10:20 AM  
Blogger American by Choice said...

To add to Houseofsin's point, it was the common experience of every business person I can remember discussing it with over a thirty-five year career all over the world that, whenever personal involement meant we really did know the facts behind an event in the news, the media got it not just wrong, but hopelessly wrong.

And I'm talking about the story, let alone their spin on it.

The particularly monstrous thing about the Katrina errors is that the demagogues in congress (left and right - Shays, R, CT, was by far the most offensive and offpoint questioner of poor old Brown) will 'learn' the wrong lessons and 'fix' the wrong things

Any fix that does not start from the assumption that, if the Nagin and Blanco had done their jobs, there would have been no human disaster at all, let alone the media's fictional one, will make things worse.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is well and good to be skeptical; however, IMHO the some of the most liberal media (public radio in particular) was the most reserved and even handed. I could be that a reporter getting blown away makes for lousy radio.

I still think the feds should have been able to get water to those folks- faster no excuses, no blaming anybody else.

1:56 PM  

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